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Get Ready For Summer Challenge is On!

A ten week health and fitness challenge featuring our Daily Thought coaching programChallenge yourself to make a real difference in your own life and make the changes you know you want to make.

Challenge Director:  Jim Guimond 

Our next challenge begins April 15, 2017 and completes June 30, 2017. ?This challenge will give you a structure to operate in as you learn how to more effectively use your Polar HR technology to enhance your training and improve your results. Join and play along on your Polar website. HR Training is a technique that allows you to monitor your training intensity during exercise AND your body’s response to that training to insure the results you desire. Follow along as you are challenged to burn more calories and also learn how to train more effectively every time you workout. Create the real accountability it will take to have you truly achieve the level of health and fitness you strive for. Using this challenge and your free Polar website, along with daily emailssocial media, weekly challenges, and events you will have every opportunity to bring focus to your goal to be healthier in 2016. Join our community to share your journey with others and tap into the synergy of the pack to succeed. You are going to have to work for it, fitness is earned not given. How bad do you really want to be fit? Plug in and go now!

Can you burn 20,000 calories in ten weeks?

Can you walk 750,000 steps in ten weeks?

Can you exercise for 50 hours in then weeks?

Can you sleep 500 hours in ten weeks?

Advanced Participants: Can you walk 1 Million Steps in ten weeks?

We will use to facilitate this challenge. If you already have a account just log on and see you have been invited to this current challenge. Accept the challenge and you will continue to receive the Daily Thought emails, and start tracking your workouts with your heart rate monitor and uploading your results. You can register for free on the polar website at any time.

To compete to win a Polar A360 Activity Tracker join the challenge or contact me at All participants who purchase and entry fee and complete the challenge will be entered to win.

Want join our Online Fitness Challenge and don’t have a HR? Contact me to purchase a new Polar HR monitor.


1. This is a ten week challenge starting 4/15 ending 6/30.

2. Use your free account to participate by tracking your training and activity data.

3. Complete 20,000 calories, 750k Steps, 50 hours of exercise, and 500 hours of sleep in ten weeks.

4. Prizes for maximum calories, steps, and training time during in the ten weeks. (You must be entered to win)

5. If you have already participated in one of our challenges, now you will have to burn more calories than last year’s challenge to complete the challenge for 2017.

6. If you have other technology to track your workouts and can verify your data it is accepted. Send in a screen shot of your result to be added in.

7. You will be invited, you must accept the challenge so log on your polar website and accept the challenge, or email me at directly to get signed up.

8. Invite a friend to participate they simply have to register for free on my website.

9. Complete our BodyAge Self Test to set your current fitness benchmark.

How to Get Started:

Email to with “I accept the Challenge” in the subject.

I will invite you into the challenge if you are already registered on www.flow.polar.comThen log on to your free Polar website. Once registered, accept the challenge by selecting the Challenges link at the top of the page. Select the Play Bigger Challenge link and click Accept. Use your HR monitor every time you exercise and upload your training data each week to tally your calories. This is a private challenge, if you have a friend you want to complete this challenge with please forward their email address and I will invite and set them up to participate. You have to have a HR monitor to complete this challenge.

If you are interested in participating but do not have a HR there is an APP for that, you can use your smartphone and a Wearlink transmitter strap with Bluetooth as a HR monitor during exercise and it will automatically upload your training data. Can you burn 20,000 calories in ten weeks? It’s on, time to get started.

Join Now It’s Free, Just use your Polar HR monitor to track your calories burned!