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Services Offered By Live Well Charlotte

 Live Well Charlotte offers a variety of products and services designed to
help you succeed everyday and lead a healthier more productive lifestyle. “To Live Well”
 Corporate Wellness / Personal Fitness Instruction / Fitness Technology Consulting / Nutritional
Consulting / Group Exercise Instruction / Wellness Coaching / Personal Leadership Coaching / Golf Fitness Instruction / Pain
Management Programming / Sport Specific Training

Performance Technology Solutions

Live Well Charlotte is a Polar Electro authorized technology consulting and service provider. Heart Rate training technology for maximum individual performance. Group solutions for organizations and teams looking for the edge in competition. Our partnerships bring your team a full array of professional consulting services and the very latest innovations in health and fitness technology to tune your team to it’s maximum potential. Whether in the boardroom or on the track you need your team to perform at peak performance. Don’t leave it to chance, give your team the edge with technology systems that provide a results and accountability environment for your team to thrive. Challenging programs to empower you to reach your best performance ever!
Heart Rate Training techniques that will focus your efforts very specifically on your individual goals. Make every effort count with Polar Smart Coaching features in Polar HR Monitors and Sensors.

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Executive Coaching Programs

Perform at your best by leveraging your leading asset, YOU! Coaching that will help you get to the next level in your life. With the use of wearable technology to track your fitness and progress you can focus your efforts on proven techniques for success. Coaching by Polar Master Trainer Jim Guimond. Review Our Polar Smart Coaching Overview

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