Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Daily Thought 2018

#2 Fear of Conflict
All great relationships that last the test of time require productive conflict to mature and grow. A quiet tension that keeps all parties attentive and challenging as well engaged in sharing (give and take). This is found in personal, civic, friendship, and professional relationships in our lives.
Types of Conflict:

  • Productive ideological conflict of ideas
  • Destructive interpersonal politics
  • Innovation depends on productive conflict to find a new and better way as a result of “healthy competition”.
  • Without conflict creating the need for change we would become stagnant in our growth.

“Change is the handmaiden nature requires to do her miracles with.” Mark Twain

Many times we shy away from confrontation because it is considered not politically correct or good decorum to offend anyone or cause a scene. Things that can be remedied early on, then fester and become relationship breakdowns when we don’t confront issues we know to be destructive to the relationship’s success. Conflict is what sharpens the sword, and it can save a lot of time and energy on interpersonal politics. If everyone around you knew exactly where you stand it would be easier for him or her to know how to relate to you, and save a lot of misdirected emotional energy “trying to figure it out.”
Teams that engage in productive conflict know that it is all about the results. They can engage each other directly and get right to the issues and solve them quickly. After they can emerge from heated debate without residual feelings or collateral relationship damage, but rather an anticipation of the next issue to be resolved and an exhilaration of accomplishment. Sometimes we leave problem solving meetings more confused than before when personal emotions carry the energy rather than solutions. Changing the culture that perceives all conflict is bad is the first step in creating teams that can get real and authentic in their relationships and produce big results.
“Liberty is the luxury of self-discipline. Historically, those people that did not discipline themselves had discipline thrust upon them from the outside. ” Alistair Cooke

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: HR is the Key to Intensity
You need to know how hard and how long to exercise for maximum benefits from exercise. A heart rate monitor can take the guesswork out of exercise. Your heart rate is the only reliable objective way to know for sure which metabolism is at work and which signals you’re sending.
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Spartan SGX Training Tip: Workout of the Day (WOD)
Week 8 Day 2 Super WOD: HIIT

Today’s OCR WOD

Nutrition Tip: Three Fundamental Concepts:
1. Exercise alone is not enough on it’s own for you to be “Thinner This Year. Exercise is the flywheel of weight loss, weight management, and the quality and quantity of energy you will have every day.
 2. You simply have to eat less. Western cultures are 20% fatter now than we were 30 years ago simply because we eat 20% more than we used to. It is mostly a matter of portion control, less on your plate less in your mouth.
3. What you eat matters. In America we eat an amazing amount of Dead Food (high caloric density, low nutrient density). Tired of feeling like crap? Stop eating it, refined sugars, rice, flour, and solid fats, along with chemicals for shelf life are sapping your energy and making you fat period.
“What would losing 10-15 pounds do to the quality of your life?” Jen Sacheck Ph. D.

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