Friday, March 2, 2018
Daily Thought 2018

How Strong is Your Team?
Review the importance of these five factors to a team’s success:

  • Psychological safety: Can we take risks on this team without feeling insecure or embarrassed?
  • Dependability: Can we count on each other to do high quality work on time?
  • Structure & clarity: Are goals, roles, and execution plans on our team clear?
  • Meaning of work: Are we working on something that is personally important for each of us?
  • Impact of work: Do we fundamentally believe that the work we’re doing matters?

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“Liberty is the luxury of self-discipline. Historically, those people that did not discipline themselves had discipline thrust upon them from the outside. ” Alistair Cooke

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: 5 HR Training Zones – Zone 5
This training increased your maximum performance and sprint race speed. It toned the nervous system of your muscles and required maximal or near maximal effort for breathing and muscles. The training duration was long enough to increase fatigue resistance at the used speed.
Very hard, 90-100%
Benefits: develops maximum performance and speed
Feels like: very exhausting for muscles and breathing
Recommended for: fit persons and for athletic training
See the Complete THR Chart

Spartan SGX Training Tip: Workout of the Day (WOD)
Week 7 Day 5 Super WOD: Power

Beachbody Nutrition Tip: You Can’t Out Train a Poor Diet
Don’t sabotage your incredible efforts in the gym by overeating junk and under-eating nutrient-rich foods. If you commit to a diet of clean food -mainly all colors of plants, lean quality proteins, good healthy fats, and grains and limit processed food, fast food, sugar, super starchy grains, and trans fats, you can see tremendous results in your body. The payoff is quicker and your energy will increase dramatically.
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“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason, mastery demands all of a person.” Albert Einstein