Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Daily Thought 2018
The FLOW Shortcut
How can we access this FLOW State and use it to improve our lives through sustained high performance? Several factors that enhanced FLOW State were identified across several research projects. The question was asked: was it special individuals or special circumstances? Was this FLOW state (high performance) nature or nurture? Turns out that prodigies were made and not born and there were not the chosen few gifted individuals. Mastery has been explained as 10k hours of practice, a deliberate, well-structured practice is thought to be a rigorous, compliance-based approach to mastery. Also, the ability to experience delayed gratification and exhibit impulse control was identified. This is referred to as “Time Perspective” where we are either “present hedonists” (live for the moment) or “future oriented” (delayed gratification). When we engage in something we love to do known as “Autotelic” (self-goal) it creates self-motivation and this activity is intrinsically rewarding so that we are highly motivated to do it over and over again. FLOW involves meeting challenges and developing skills and requires us to be engaged is something that will push us to our limits. On the other hand, hedonistic pleasure like drugs, sex, gambling do not require personal growth and end up being destructive as they do not require any personal development. Bone Games are activities that are potentially life threatening conditions that are transformative by creating a mind-body link. When we are doing what we love it transforms us into the best possible version of ourselves and that version opens up new possibilities for us. Without the inner strength to resist temptation, we can never master ourselves (emotional IQ) or anything else for that matter. To access this FLOW State it requires us to do something we love, that is challenging beyond our current capacities and requires us to adapt and grow, and do it many times over to develop the skills to operate at a high level for a lifetime.

“With passion and play as the gateway to performance and possibility, we no longer have to mistrust ourselves (doubt). We can harness our hedonistic impulse, using moments of joy to shorten our path to mastery.” Ken Kotler

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Duration of Training
How long you exercise has a specific training benefit for your body. Just as different Target Heart Rate Zones impact the different parts of your energy system. Endurance training which is longer in duration focusing on aerobic (long range sustained efforts) to build your base and ability to recover from hard efforts. Speed and Power training durations are short to very short and explosive efforts designed to fire up the fast-twitch muscles focusing on anaerobic energy production to increase performance overall, and improved breathing for greater VO2max (oxygen uptake) elevating anaerobic threshold (when you get out of breath).

Spartan SGX Training Tip: Workout of the Day (WOD)
Week 5 Day 2 Sprint WOD: HIIT

OCR WOD for tonight’s class

Beachbody Nutrition Tip: What You Eat Matters
The choices you make of which foods you will eat everyday will determine your level of energy that you bring to the table in your daily life. Foods that are more organic with less chemicals will yield the best energy return for your effort. You will have to eat the food, you have to digest it, you have to get rid of it when you are done. That all takes energy.  If you eat food with little or no nutritional return, you just lost energy in the exchange. It was a net loss of energy, it cost you more energy to process it than you got in return. What is making you tired every day maybe the food choices you are making. If you don’t have a gourmet chef preparing your meals you will have to make better choices to keep up with the daily demands of your energy. Areas of your life like work, social, personal and family all draw on your energy. Don’t start with the tank half full, eat smart for sustained energy all day.
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“If you have men who will come only if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come even if there is not road at all.” David Livingstone

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