Wednesday, February 7, 2018
Daily Thought 2018
The Way of Flow
This is the mystery: a rare and radical state of consciousness where the seemingly impossible becomes possible. We have seen it in athletics as recent as the Olympics where athletes display this of elite level of athletics sometimes over the span of decades. This is the secret that extreme athletes have learned to harness and do what was once before not deemed possible. This FLOW state is the real reason that ultimate human performance has advanced nearly exponentially in the past few decades. Creating the environment to produce this hyper-focused state of mind and body where we are at our best is the challenge.

“FLOW has been a groundbreaking discovery, and one with considerable impact. In the coming years, our understanding of this FLOW State will quietly reshape our world, radically altering our thinking about everything from the limits of human performance to neurobiology of religious experience.” Ken Kotler

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: What information should I track with my Polar technology?
Polar HR Technology helps you better understand how your body is responding to your training plan. The Four main criteria to look at during training are:
1. Calories burned: This is a direct measure of your energy system capacity. As the calories burned increases it represents a more robust energy system. Determine how many cals/min for reference over time.
2. Average Heart Rate: This is a measure of your sustained cardiovascular output. Your ability to deliver blood to the muscle will dictate your aerobic and anaerobic power during exercise.
3. Max Heart Rate: This is a measure of your high end power during training and to be sure you are training at a safe and effective intensity level. Your predicted HR is determined by age and then refined over time by observing Max HR during training.
4. Duration of Training: How long you train is called training volume. How many calories you can burn in a given time reveals if you are getting stronger and more efficient over time.

Polar has Smart Coaching features built into their newest offerings giving you great insight into the training effect of your current training plan including Running Index, Fitness Test, Training Load and more.

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Spartan SGX Training Tip: Workout of the Day (WOD)
Week 4 Day 3 Sprint WOD: Pushing

Tonight’s Athletic Conditioning class is Insanity with Coach Todd Midgett

Beachbody Nutrition Tip: Better Eating, Gradual Changes
Changing the way you eat should happen a little bit at a time. Gradual changes are much more sustainable than wholesale changes. Pick one food you struggle with and work on it until you feel in control of that food. We condition our taste for food by the choices we make each day. Eat fast food regularly and that is what your body will crave. Slowly weed it out and replace it with healthier options and that is what your body will crave. Write down everything you eat in one week, then target the foods you know you could live without. Your list of food enemies will pop out, rank them and then take them on one at a time. Eating better is very doable, just not everything at once.
“Never for the sake of peace and quiet deny your own experience or convictions.” Dag Hammarskjold