Thursday, February 1, 2018
Daily Thought 2018
Flow Trigger Varieties – Creative
Each of these Flow Triggers have an impact our performance and help us predict how we will perform in the future.  Of all of the triggers, creative may be the most significant to innovation and critical thinking.
1. Creative

  • Pattern Recognition – the brain’s ability to link new ideas together
  • Risk Taking – the courage to bring those new ideas into the world

*Creative exercises include: reading, music, meditation, visual arts, writing, and many others.
2. Environmental

  • High Consequences
  • Rich Environment
  • Deep Embodiment

3. Psychological

  • Intensely Focused Attention
  • Clear Goals
  • Immediate Feedback
  • The Challenge /Skills Ratio

4. Social

  • Shared Clear Goals
  • Good Communication
  • Familiarity
  • Equal Participation
  • Risk
  • Sense of Control
  • Close Listening
  • Always Say Yes

“In flow, we are our resourceful, imaginative, ingenious best. Better still the changes stick, not only are creative insights consistently associated with flow states, but that amplified creativity outlasts the flow zone. People report being extraordinarily creative the day after a flow state, suggesting that time spent on the flow state trains the brain to consistently think outside the box and innovate.” Ken Kotler
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Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Group Exercise Opportunities
Group exercise opportunities can be a great motivator for your fitness plan. We always give a bigger effort when in a group setting, the accountability, connection, instruction and scheduling of the events provide for more consistent participation and intensity. When we are exercising on our own we tend to give up easier, or cut the session short because who will know? The sense of community that is developed and created in a group exercise environment is a huge asset for your fitness plan. Whether at a club where you are a member, or a cycling group, or even a walking group, find connection with others to energize your fitness plan. Having a class structure and a qualified instructor challenging you to the next level can be the difference in whether or not you achieve your fitness goals for yourself. There are lots of options, find one that suits your schedule and preference, build some friendships and your fitness at the same time.

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Spartan SGX Training Tip: Workout of the Day (WOD)
Week 3 Day 4 Sprint WOD: Recovery

Thursday Warrior Class WOD

Beachbody Nutrition Tip: Essential Nutrients
How much do you really need? A balanced diet of good food also supplies essential nutrients, thirty vitamins, and minerals to your body. These nutrients are critical for allowing your body to function properly; they are called essential because they are. If you don’t consume each of them, things start to stop functioning properly and the aging process is accelerated. Be sure to give your body all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs so you can be at your best.
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“If you do not act wisely; you exhaust yourself in senseless work.” St. Bernadette of Lourds