Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Daily Thought 2018
4 Flow Trigger Varieties
FLOW Triggers are circumstances that speed entrance into the FLOW state. These triggers are proven skills predictors to execute at a consistently high level. These four areas criteria give you the framework to build your plan for high performance in your life. Sometimes we operate at a high level on occasion, Flow science gives us a look into how we can be at our best all the time.  We will explore how we can use this science to improve our own daily performance.
Flow Trigger Come in 4 Varieties
1. Creative

2. Environmental
3. Psychological
4. Social

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” George Bernard Shaw
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Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: HR Monitors Help Determine Exercise Efficiency
Exercise efficiency expresses energy expenditure converted into power (calories expenditure). In other words, efficiency represents the efficacy of skeletal muscles to transform the body’s stored biochemical energy into mechanical movement, while the remainder of the energy is lost as heat. The higher the efficiency, the more power one can produce with the same amount of energy and oxygen. This is vital for success in losing weight or long-distance events. Efficiency used to be able to be measured in laboratory conditions only. Now measurements in the field are easily conducted using Polar wearable products featuring the Ownindex (Fitness Test) function. In general, factors such as body size, gender, fitness level and skill affect individual differences in efficiency. Increases in energy system development measured in calories burned in 30 to 60 minutes show a robust energy level ready to take on the the challenges of everyday life and the big things you are up to. It makes more sense to compare your current calorie values to your earlier ones, and not the performance of others. Better yourself, compete with yourself, challenge yourself against others with races to gauge where you are in your goals.

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Spartan SGX Training Tip: Workout of the Day (WOD)
Week 3 Day 3 Sprint WOD: Pushing

Wednesday Athletic Conditioning Class (CORE De Force)

Beachbody Nutrition Tip: How to use Beachbody Performance Line
One of the great things about BBP is its ability to adapt. The five products in the line—Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine—can be put together in different arrangements called “stacks” to suit your needs. Beachbody recommends specific stacks for their various programs and may be slightly different than the way you use these tools. Here are some suggestions—specific adaptions that work within the general recommendations to suit your individual goals.

  • Energize – Use this supplement before exercise to get more out of your workouts.
  • Hydrate – Use this during your workouts to stay hydrated. Most effective for workouts of 60 minutes or more.
  • Recover – Drink right after your workout to provide the building blocks to repair your muscles for better results.
  • Recharge – Use this supplement much like Recover to repair your body from your workouts. Recharge is the next level of recovery for your body. Working at a high level of intensity? This will help you rebuild from those really hard workouts.
  • Creatine – Use this supplement when you have reached your weight loss goals and you are ready for elite level training and want to add muscle mass, used post workout.

 Contact Coach Todd Midgett for more on how Beachbody nutrition can help you breakthrough to the next level in your fitness journey.
”What determines whether a challenge will or will not be met? The answer is that this depends upon the presence or absence of initiative and of creative individuals with clarity of mind and energy of will capable of effective responses to new situations.” Will Durant