12 Workouts Until Christmas
Complete our 12 workouts until Christmas. Record them on your Polar wearable technology. Load it up to Flow and share it with our team. Finish all 12 workouts and get a FREE personal training session with Master Trainer Jim Guimond and be entered in a drawing win a new Polar A360. Start December 7. You have until 12/31 to get them all done. Try and do them in order but it doesn’t matter as long as you complete them all. Get all done and get an additional entry for every workout completed a second time.

12 Workouts Until Christmas

  1. Energy System Benchmark
  2. Strength to Body Weight Ratio
  3. Tabata Cardio Routine
  4. CORE Strength Benchmark
  5. Endurance Cardio Challenge
  6. 2 A Day Cardio Challenge
  7. CORE/Strength H.I.T. Circuit
  8. Anaerobic Threshold Cardio Intervals
  9. Run/CORE 2 A Day
  10. Endurance Cardio Challenge
  11. 2 A Day Cardio/Strength Challenge
  12. Total Stretch Workout