Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Daily Thought

Cognitive Training
Cognitive therapy focuses on changing unhealthy thoughts using several techniques like journaling, counseling, thought replacement and daily rituals that create a more positive environment each day. Many times in life things are not nearly as bad as we think they are, and when we sit and think about it we tend to conjure up the worst-case scenario. Self talk is one of the most basic and effective tools for cognitive therapy. What you choose to read each day can have a big impact on your outlook on life. We began the Daily Thought Blog in 2007 as a way to influence the way we think each day, with a commitment to reading the masters of our time and sharing it with those around us. Sometimes professional health is necessary, but much of how we think each day is determined by what we choose to read, watch on TV, or whom we associate with. Choose positive reaffirming sources daily to improve your outlook on life.
“It’s impossible to consistently behave in a manner inconsistent with how we see ourselves. We can do very few things in a positive way if we feel negative about ourselves.” Zig Zigler

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: 12 Workouts Until Christmas Day 9
2 A Day Cardio/Core
Choose your cardio for 30-60:00. Then complete a CORE/Strength workout either together or at separate times during the day. Follow this CORE Routine without rest and try and complete in 30:00.
Holiday Survival Tip #20 Group Activities
Plug into a group activity during to the holiday to increase your motivation to exercise. Group classes, or a group run or ride can give you that added desire to get just one more workout in before the big feast. The synergy of others can be a big draw in keeping your commitment to be fit strong during the holidays. Call a friend and suggest a walking lunch, meet a friend at the club for a spin class. Find a group run ( in your city and jump in. Connecting with others is a great way to stay committed to your exercise goals. The workouts seem to go faster when you have someone to share the work with. Exercise with a buddy for the holidays.
“Things that matter most should not be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Gurta

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