Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Daily Thought

Are You Ready to Be Who You Need to Be, to Be Who You Want to Be?
The changes we need to make in our lives so we can achieve what we want usually are the things about ourselves we don’t want to see or deal with. Having the courage to take a realistic look at our failures will be the difference between wanting to achieve and actually realizing our vision for ourselves. The things we don’t want to do are the things that will help us breakthrough and develop the skills we need to get to the next level. Coaching can be a huge asset in defining the elements of our lives that are holding us back, and developing a strategy to overcome these barriers. Whether these barriers are health, business, or personal seek the professionals that can take an honest look at where you are now, help you map out a plan to get where you want to be and hold you accountable to get it done. Work on your weaknesses to find the breakthrough you have been looking for.
“Everyone would like to be the best, but most organizations lack the discipline to figure out with egoless clarity what they can be the best at and the will to do whatever it takes to turn potential into reality. They lack self-discipline.” Jim Collins

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: 12 Workouts Until Christmas Day 4
CORE Strength Benchmark
Warm up for your normal CORE Strength training session. Complete one set of Plank for as 2:00 without stopping. Complete the following CORE/Strength Circuit workout after.
DB Chest Press on the stability ball 25 reps
KB Deadlift 25 Reps (use a KB that is 25% of your body weight)
KB Shoulder Swings (use a KB that is 10% of body weight)
Single Leg Squats 10 reps each leg x2
Complete this circuit as many times as possible in 20:00
Holiday Survival Tip #15 Count The Calories
Not the ones eaten, but the ones you expend during activity during the holidays. Who could count all the calories eaten at all the parties? You probably don’t want to know anyway, but keeping track of your calories burned during exercise is easy. Most cardio equipment now has calorie counts, or if you have a HR monitor it will track them for you. Challenge yourself to burn 400-500 calories or more each day for the holidays. Add them all up each week and strive for 2500 or more calories per week. You know you are going to eat more than usual, so you need to exercise more than usual. The average American gains 6-7 pounds during the holidays, don’t be average.

“Discipline is the greatest thing in the world. Where there is no discipline, there is not character. And without character, there is no progress. Adversity gives us opportunity to grow. And we usually get what we work for. If we have problems and overcome them, we grow tall in character, and the qualities that bring success.” J. Willard Marriot, Sr.

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