Thursday, December 7, 2017
Daily Thought

Social Networks as a Guidepost to Long Life
Taking time to cultivate social networks is important not just to the quality of life but also to it’s quantity. Feeling good, staying clam, and breathing deeply can be sings of good health but not the root cause of it. Social relationships should be the first place to look for improving health and longevity. Repairing a career or marriage can take a long time, but setting aside a few hours each week to volunteer, or joining a group that shares one of your passions, increases the size of your social network and provides opportunities to help others. You are never too old and it’s never too late to start this building of social capital and the returns can be enormous. Invest in your social support network to live longer.
“If we center our lives on correct principles and create a balanced focus between doing and increasing our ability to do, we become empowered in creating effective, useful, and peaceful lives.” Stephen R. Covey
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Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: 12 Workouts Until Christmas Day 1
Benchmark Your Energy System
Complete 30 minutes of cardio on any equipment you want for maximum calories. No sprints, no recovery, at Anaerobic Threshold (90% of max HR). Go as hard as you can go without being out of breath. The goal is 10 calories per minute or more for the 30 minutes. The more calories you can complete in 30 minutes shows your energy system is getting stronger.

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Holiday Survival Tip # 12 Give some of yourself away. 
The holiday season is supposed to be about giving, but sometimes with all the hectic planning, visiting, and family obligations as well as everything else that makes up the holiday season, it can feel more like taking. Taking your energy, time, and money to make it all happen. When we look outside ourselves and focus on the needs of others, sometimes all those things in our lives that trouble us don’t seem so big any more. Volunteer at the men’s shelter, donate to the Salvation Army, visit a nursing home with your family, or anything creative you can think of to give to others a little piece of yourself. When you begin to feel how good it feels to help others, you might just find that it was you that you really helped along the way.
“Change is the handmaiden nature requires to do her miracles with.” Mark Twain

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