Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Daily Thought

A New Ritual
Of all the things you promised yourself in 2017 what is the one thing you still want to do? Something that you need to do, like taking better care of yourself. There is always time to do it, you can do it, no matter what has already transpired. What matters is what you do next. Your challenge is to institute one of these 7 rituals if you don’t already have them as part of your current daily or weekly routine.

  1. Eat breakfast every morning
  2. Drink at least 8 ounces of water at every meal
  3. Read something that is important to you or make time for yourself for 15 minutes every day
  4. Write a least one sentence in a journal everyday of your life. (not including Facebook)
  5. Exercise every day to create some activity daily
  6. Share yourself with others to help in a meaningful way (call/write or be with someone you love)
  7. Dream Bigger

“Courage is contagious, when a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.” Billy Graham.

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Keep a Record
Keeping a personal journal helps you clarify and give solid expression to vague thoughts and feelings and increase your understanding to help separate the important from the trivial in your life. Keeping a personal journal can increase your determination to accomplish your goals. Your will to succeed has to be reinforced every day. How bad do you want to succeed? What are you willing to do to get your goals? Journaling has proven to be an effective tool to give you feedback, create positive self-talk, and keep you focused on your goal. Using Polar technology to track your results gives you the ability to see what works and what does not in your quest to live healthier. Having a target to shoot at gives more focus to your efforts.

Nutrition Tip: Eat Less, Especially after 6 PM
Look you have tried to lose weight and it’s just not working. You have tried everything you can think of and it’s still not working. We make weight loss really complicated and cost a lot of money, just it is really very simple and inexpensive. Eat less food, period! Curtail eating large meals after 6 pm when possible as this time of day is most likely undermining your goals to lose weight. Mindless eating in front of your TV can add up very quickly and also destroy your nutrition plan. Eat more earlier during the day so you are not starved when you home in the evening. One food choice per day is usually the difference between losing weight and not losing weight.
“Heroes are ordinary men and women who dare to see and meet the call of a possibility bigger than themselves. Breakthroughs are created by such heroes, by men and women who will stand for the result while it is only a possibility – people who will act to make possibility real.” Werner Erhard

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