Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Daily Thought 

How to Increase Your Capacity for Action
If you want to expand your potential and therefore your capacity, you must first change your thinking. However, if you just change your thinking and not your actions you will fall short of your potential. To start expending your capacity, take the following three steps: 

  • Stop Doing Those Things You Have Done Before and Start Doing Those Things You Could and Should Do
  • Stop Doing What is Expected and Start Doing More Than is Expected
  • Stop Doing Important Things Occasionally and Start Doing Important Things Daily

 The Law of Expansion from The 15 Invaluable Laws of Personal Growth by John Maxwell
“Growth thrives in conducive surroundings. If you are in a positive growth environment, be grateful. Thank the people who have helped create it, and reward them by striving to reach your potential. If you’re not, do what you must to change your environment and yourself. If you are a leader, do everything in your power to grow yourself and create an environment in which others can grow. It will be the best investment you ever made as a leader.” John Maxwell

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Stick to the Two-Day Rule
Never go more than two days in a row without a workout. It’s a game I play with myself, and I can’t lose. I have to do something every day, whether it’s getting outside for a run, using the hotel gym (no matter how gross), or doing a bodyweight workout in my hotel room – just do it. Every little bit of exercise you do counts, every calorie, every heartbeat, it all adds up. Keep moving, be consistent, and accumulate fitness by doing something every day you can. Never let two days go by without a workout or other activity.

Performance Nutrition Tip: What is Performance Nutrition?
Performance nutrition is the practice of getting all the nutrients your body needs to perform your best during training sessions or events, and promote effective recovery after. We will discuss each one this week.
The five basic elements include:

  1. Meal Replacement Shakes
  2. Energy System Support
  3. Recovery/During Training Rehydration Drink
  4. Base Vitamins
  5. Snacks/Energy Bridge

“Being excellent is hard. So when you have something hard to do, remember you are being excellent. Do you want to be remembered for being good or great?” Lee Cockerell