Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Daily Thought

Small Incremental Changes Over Time
Incremental change, if nothing succeeds like success, it is equally true that nothing fails like excess. Because change requires moving beyond our comfort zone, it is best initiated in small and manageable increments. Try and focus on one issue at a time, and setting reachable goals that you can build on. Many times new changes don’t work because we try and change everything at once; going from one extreme to the other is not a sustainable plan. Your chance for success is far greater if you begin with a highly specific but carefully calibrated training plan. Building confidence fuels the persistence to pursue more challenging changes and goals. Remember it is the mental side that determines your success not the physical. You need to build your mental state before the physical can change. Small incremental changes create the confidence to take on the next challenge, each challenge building on the last. One step at a time.
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Polar Training Tip: Creating Healthy Habits:
To create the habit of exercise we must first understand what a habit is and what it takes to create new healthy habits that lead to better health. Some say it takes 21 days, others say 90 days to create a new habit. I believe it is not time that determines habits but commitment. What are you really committed to and what would have to do to get the fit lifestyle that will allow you to excel in your life?
Thinner This Year Nutrition Tip: The Thinner This Year Eating Plan
Eat Significantly Fewer Calories – Very simple, you are going to have to eat less by eating better to lose the weight you want. Try and eat more nutritionally dense food that allows you to get the nutrients you need without the additional volume of food and all the extra calories. When food are not nutritionally dense you have to eat much more volume to get the nutrition you need. Eat smart, eat less.
“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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