Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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In Search of Excellence
This book written by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman was published in 1982, and is still just as relevant today as when it was first written. Peters and Waterman examined 43 of Fortune 500’s top performing companies. Peters says that he wanted – with a passion – to prove how crucialpeople are to business success, and to release business from the “tyranny of the bean counters”.
Consider a structural organizational form based on three pillars:
1. The Stability Pillar – maintain a base of structure that is simple, consistent, underlying form, and on developing and maintaining broad yet flexible enduring values.
2. The Entrepreneurial Pillar – “small is beautiful” small creative incentive based teams to create new business. Finding ways to build a better mousetrap and create revenue.
3. The Habit-Breaking Pillar – a particular willingness to reorganize regularly, to split off new teams or new ideas of how to do business. To continually review what you do and why, and look for better more
See how you can apply them to your organization and your personal life to find the success you desire.
“Liberty is the luxury of self-discipline. Historically, those people that did not discipline themselves had discipline thrust upon them from the outside. ” Alistair Cooke

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Smart Coaching Features Fitness Test
If you’re looking to improve your fitness and want to keep up to date with how well you’re doing, the smart Fitness Test will tell you exactly what you need to know in just five minutes. By regularly comparing your test results, you can see what progress you are making and how your fitness is improving.

Nutrition Tip: Which Diets Are Best?
These days, it seems that everyone is concerned about losing weight—and for good reason. With the majority of the population now overweight and/or obese, health researchers have been warning us of the devastating consequences of carrying too much weight. As a result, many Americans have become diet-crazed; frantically searching for the magic bullet—that “one” perfect approach that’s finally going to help them shed unwanted pounds once and for all. But which diets are best?
Find out what the experts say…Which Diets Are Best

“Within each of us lies the power of our consent to health and sickness, to riches and poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another.” Richard Bach (Illusions)

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