Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Aging, Productivity, and Health
The Longevity Project wanted to look at how being engaged or laid-back in our senior years impacted longevity. Did those who remained active during their 70s and 80s live longest, or were those who “took it easy” the ones to live longer? They studied whether each person was still productive, motivated, and accomplishing things in their lives later in life. Some were still working full or part time, others with educational pursuits, and some working for social change or make a contribution to society by volunteering. After comparing the productive group with the relaxed group the findings were dramatic. Those who were still productive, active and engaged lived the longest consistently. This productive orientation seemed to matter even more than their social relationships or their sense of happiness and well-being. Be purposeful throughout your life to live longer. Continue to find causes or issues that matter to you and pursue them vigorously to extend your longevity and quality of life. When you reach out in contribution you heal yourself.
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“We can choose to influence others positively through our actions and example. Each of us transmits certain behaviors, feelings, and lifestyles to others. Through this transmission, we can act as transition people, consciously breaking reactive patterns and replacing them with proactive ones.” Stephen R. Covey
Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Exercise is Healthy Stress
With all the stress you have in your life, it is good to know that some of it actually helps. When you exercise you stress your muscles, drain the energy stores, and actually breakdown the muscle tissue slightly as you challenge your body. This is the GOOD stress, because it creates the opportunity for your body to grow and get stronger as a result. You in a sense use up the parts that don’t work as well anymore and replace or repair muscle tissue, this process is called adaptive micro-trauma. It’s critical to maintaining, and improving your health over time, as well as increasing your personal power and performance. Key and foundational to your health is your ability to produce and maintain energy for all facets of your life. Without the positive stress of exercise your body will decay and diminish over time, choose an active lifestyle and reap the rewards of a fit body.
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Nutrition Tip: Eat Like a Pro
Time for some performance nutrition tips for those of you completing events in this training cycle. Now that you have gotten your MOJO back and eating better it’s time to take up a notch for race season. If you are still struggling with your nutrition some of these tips may help you jump-start your nutrition plan.
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“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” Lord Kelvin

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