Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Daily Thought
Paths to Health and Happiness
When researches looked at what things we can do to be happier and healthier the recommendations were very similar for both. It seems the correspondence between the two are inextricably connected.
Here are the 5 recommendations:

  • Increase levels of activity
  • Improve social relations – spend time with friends and family
  • Watch Less TV
  • Help others and express gratitude to those who have helped you
  • Take on new challenges to remain fresh and in the moment

These recommendations are all connected to health and long life, but are difficult for most to do consistently. The activities are part of long-term patterns that characterize healthy and happy individuals. These healthy patterns and pathways come first and lead to both health and happiness.
“Most important is the findings that risk factors and protective strategies do not occur in isolation but bunch together in patterns, the healthy and unhealthy life pathways. The pathways to long life had many unforeseen twists which amazed us during the study. Howard Freidman, Phd

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Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Using Technology to Create Community Online
Technology is pervasive in our lives every day, why not use it to get or stay fit. Using a HR monitor and tracking it online with friends or others can give you added incentive to exercise more regularly. Positive peer pressure can help you get the support and encouragement you need to reach your fitness goals. Engage with others in a like pursuit, support your desire to be healthier by sharing your common goal with others to create accountability that will motivate you to keep score and watch your progress so as to motivate continued effort. Check out our current online challenge that is a 10-week fitness challenge. This current challenge will complete with a Spartan Beast event November 4 in Columbia SC for me. What is you next big challenge?Join our online group to train for your next big breakthrough. 

Nutrition Tip: Less Is More
Make portion control your ally in keeping the weight off. In a recent study, controlling portion size emerged as one of the most effective strategies for shedding excess pounds and keeping them off. Use small plates, eat slowly, and eat fiber-rich, balanced meals to help you feel satisfied while curbing any tendencies to eat too many calories. Drink more water to eat less.
“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs – ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is, people who have come alive.”   Harold Thurman Whitman, Philosopher and Theologian