Thursday, August 10, 2017
Daily Thought
Healing the Broken Places
At times we face involuntary emotional storms—challenges that have come on us, sometimes caused by our choices and also not of our own doing. Depending on how we manage these storms, they can either overwhelm us or serve as an opportunity for growth. When we grieve, fight off illness, or the loss of a close relationship, our energy needs actually increase. The worry, anxiety, sadness, and sometimes depression saps our energy. We need to fight back or be overwhelmed; exercise can be one the most effective ways to combat the stress and fatigue that comes during these challenging times. Don’t just sit back and take it, fight back, build your resilience with action, and you can come out the other side stronger. Sometimes it is the unknown future that causes much of our stress, shape the future to bring about the outcome you desire. It may not always work the way you want, but you can’t just let it happen to you, control what you can (yourself) accept the rest. Use exercise to manage the stress of these emotional storms.
“Periods of recovery are intrinsic to creativity and to intimate connection. Without time to recover, our lives become a blur of doing, unbalanced by not much opportunity for being.” Dr. Jim Loehr

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Physical Activity and Long Life
When the researchers looked at activity over the length of a lifetime it showed that being active in middle age had the most impact on longevity. Those who were active in youth and stayed active tended to live very long lives. Those inactive in youth and became active as an adult live long lives and many times did just as well as the lifelong active people. Inactivity was determined to be a significant health risk and a negative predictor of premature mortality. It’s never too late to impact your health in a positive way with activity and good nutrition.

Nutrition Tip: Remember Your Meals
A good way to stop yourself from overeating may be to think about your last meal. A recent study revealed that people were likely to eat less at a meal when they were first prompted to remember what they had eaten at their last one. Can you remember your last meal?

”What determines whether a challenge will or will not be met? The answer is that this depends upon the presence or absence of initiative and of creative individuals with clarity of mind and energy of will capable of effective responses to new situations.” Will Durant

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