Monday, August 7, 2017
Daily Thought
Emotional Energy Action Points

  • In order to perform at our best, we must access pleasant and positive emotions: the experience of enjoyment, challenge, adventure and opportunity.
  • The key muscles fueling positive emotional energy are self confidence, self control, interpersonal effectiveness and empathy.
  • Negative emotions serve survival but are costly and energy inefficient in the context of performance.
  • The ability to summon positive emotions during periods of intense stress lies at the heart of effective leadership.
  • Access the emotional muscles that serve performance depends on creating a balance between exercising them regularly and intermittently seeking recovery.

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Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Core Training
Your Core is all the muscles that stabilize your spine to create correct posture. Mostly the muscle in your torso and pelvis, but including any muscle that helps you keep your balance everyday. Strengthening these muscles improves your balance and sports performance, as well as making everyday tasks just I little bit easier. Many think crunches are the main way to strengthen your core, but there are many different exercises that make up a good Core routine. Tools like stability balls, Bosu, Dyna Discs, cables or any other tool that will destabilize your balance can help improve your Core strength. The Plank is one static exercise that can create a real positive impact.
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Nutrition Tip: Nutrition Tip: Quit Eating Junk Food
The science of nutrition is imperfect, our understanding is sometimes weak, but not weak enough to know fast food is not a healthy strategy for living well. Junk food choices are calorie, fat and sodium-laden meals, with minimal nutritional content that have negative consequences for your health. Red meat, white bread, deep fried potatoes, sugar and saturated fat are bad for you and are in great abundance at fast food restaurants. We all know better, but they are just so convenient that we don’t care. At some point you are going to have to care. Your physician is going to have the “conversation” with you about losing weight or some health issue like diabetes is going to force you to change your lifestyle or die an early death. The obesity epidemic in our country is totally out of control, partly because we have raised a generation on junk food. Don’t eat junk food; the long-term health benefits will be worth it. Fast food once in a while is one thing, regular visits to fast food restaurants can have dire consequences. The quality of the food matters, you matter, just do it.

“Independent will gives you the power to do something even when you do not want to, because you know you are being a function of your values and not of impulse or whim.” Stephen R. Covey

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