Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Daily Thought
The Personal Side of Cancer
As many of you know me know I worked at the Crown Athletic Club for 10 years, first as a personal trainer, then fitness director, and as a cycling instructor. I have taught cycling classes pretty much nonstop for the last 15 years. I met a man named John after he had been diagnosed with cancer. He came to my class one day and said this class was his way of fighting back against cancer. He came to class on Wednesdays and rode like a man on a mission. I have somewhat of a reputation as just a little crazy on a spin bike. Well every time John came to class it gave me a little extra kick in my pedal stroke to know his story. John rode with us for a long time (2 years) and kept cancer at bay. We watched his quiet demeanor, but knew he had the heart of a champion as he battled cancer right there in front of us. Then one day we got the news the cancer was back. This time it was different, we saw less and less of John in class and we all knew what that meant. To see his bike empty in class was a reminder of how precious life really is. John finally lost his battle with cancer, and we lost a true friend. Every year it comes time for 24 Hours of Booty I think of John and what a great man he was. His quiet strength was an inspiration to us, and made us really understand our problems were just small time compared to what he was going through. He taught us how to fight back with dignity and purpose, and never complained about his fate. After all these years and literally thousands of classes later I can still see his face clenched as we sprinted up the last hill in class and know what a powerful testimony that cancer survivors leave us when they succeed and what a huge loss it is to lose even one. Every cancer victim is a special human being with a family and a unique story all their own. We honor them with this event. Please consider a donation to our Kinetic Heights fundraising drive to support the work of the 24 Foundation in our Charlotte community. Email me to make a donation and join us this Saturday for our Survivor Ride at Kinetic Heights.
“Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened; vision cleared; ambition inspired, and success achieved.”  Helen Keller

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Physical is Fundamental
One of the most common energy barriers is the physical process of energy production. How fit you are will dictate how well you handle the high stress environment we all operate in now. The pace of life is significantly higher than it was just 5 years ago. With the advances in technology we have much more information and access to resources than we have ever had in history. As we age we lose our functional capacity to produce energy and recover from demanding situations. As our careers progress the demands on our energy increase (stress), and our physical capacity begins to diminish. This is a recipe for illness. Take the time to invest in your physical health and watch your energy and production increase rather than decrease. Recovery and renewal time becomes more important as we age. Pay attention to your physical health and fitness or at some point you won’t have a choice. Stay fit and strong as you age to protect yourself against illness.
Nutrition Tip: Eat Small Meals Frequently
Try and eat less by eating more frequently. Sounds like a contradiction but it actually works to help you control your urges to eat. Small meals eaten more frequently help to keep your energy level even throughout the day by keeping your insulin levels steady. It also curbs your urges to snack by building in healthy choices that are planned instead. Avoid overeating because you know you can eat in just a few hours. Eat a big breakfast, fruit or energy bar meal at 10 AM, moderate lunch, healthy snack at 4 PM, light meal for dinner in the evening with 6 glasses of water throughout. Once you get into the schedule of this eating pattern, you will not be hungry and you will eat less at each meal to lose weight quicker and keep it off.
“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be. It’s the way it is. The way you cope with it is what is the difference.” Virginia Satir

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