Thursday, January 26, 2017
Daily Thought 2017

Kinetic Fitness
I am so excited to be able to announce the launch of our Kinetic Heights Fitness programs. Starting February 1, we will be offering a full program of health and fitness classes and events at our new facility. Here is look at what we will offer starting February 1, 2017. Come and see our first Ninja Warrior Challenge this Saturday January 28 from 7-10 AM. Find out more on our Kinetic Heights Facebook page. Visit our website to reserve your spot to take a shot at our Ninja Warrior Course or just stop by for a look at new facility. After years of planning we are finally ready to show you how to train the Kinetic Heights way. Download our complete offering.

General Fitness
Boot Camps – M/W/F 6 AM, Saturday 7 AM
Athletic Conditioning Classes – M/W/F 7 AM
*Sport Specific Small Group and One on One Personalized available by appointment.

Adaptive Movement 
Beginner Youth (8-11) – Tuesday 5:30 PM
Beginner AM Teen (12-15) – Tuesday 4:30 PM,
Beginner AM Adults (16 and up) Thursday 6 PM

Obstacle Course Racing (Spartan)
Adult Warrior Training Series – Monday/Wednesday 7 PM
Carolina Sweat OCR Program Thursday 6:30 PM

Ninja Warrior Training
Junior Warrior (5-8) – Monday 5:30 PM
Teen Warrior (11-15) Monday 5:30 PM
Ninja Warrior Teams
Ninja Warrior Events – Kinetic Heights Ninja Warrior Challenge 1/28 7-10 AM

Family Fitness
Small Group – Saturday 9 AM
Large Group Circuit Classes TBA

Special Needs Fitness/Life Skills Program
Health and Fitness Life Skills/Socialization Classes Tuesday/Thursday 3 PM
Special Events TBA

Basic Nutrition and Movement Classes
Nutrition Counseling and Accountability class followed by a 30-minute activity class (boot camp/yoga…)
Learning Energy Balance for healthy eating and weight loss/management. Thursdays 5:30 PM.
Boot camp at 6 PM

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Polar Flow Training Software
Wearable technology has revolutionized the fitness experience and added significant tools for training smarter than ever. At Kinetic Heights we will offer heart rate training techniques and online coaching using Polar’s complete suite of training software called Flow. Use what the pros use.

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