Friday, January 13, 2017
Daily Thought 2017
Your Ten-Week Plan for This Challenge

  1. Get Started – Fitness Assessment – Technology/Plan Set Up
  2. Establish Your Rituals and Components of Your Plan
  3. Improve Technique and Performance
  4. You Can’t Out-train a Bad Nutrition Plan – “Thinner This Year”
  5. Recovery and Adaptation
  6. Next Level Commitment – Fitness Testing/Goal Setting 
  7. Be Your Own Coach – Train Smarter with Technology
  8. Focus on Your Challenge Event Prep
  9. Put All the Pieces Together
  10. Taper and Complete Your Final Event

The Challenge is much more than a weight loss strategy. This 10-week plan is one of 4 challenges we will offer in 2017. These challenges are designed to create a plan for your fitness that will be a lifestyle rather than just a change in your current weight. Use current technologies to live well and increase your chances for success. Follow the daily emails, record your activity and training, complete the weekly fitness challenges as you gain the knowledge and confidence to “Be Your Own Coach”. At the end of this challenge you will have established the foundation of an active lifestyle that you can continue to build on in the next challenge you create for yourself. If you have been active it is time to step it up to the next level.

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“In twenty years, failure to exercise six days a week will seem as self-destructive as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.” Harry Lodge, MD

Polar Smart Coaching Training Tip: Structure Your Fitness Plan
Creating a balanced and comprehensive plan for your fitness in 2016 requires
5 basic elements:

  1. Cardiovascular Training
  2. Resistance/Strength Training
  3. CORE Strength/Balance and Stability
  4. Flexibility/Stretching
  5. Effective Nutritional Strategies

Cardio 5-6x/week, Strength/CORE 2-3x/week, Flexibility 1-3x/week, Min 1 Recovery/week
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Over the next 10 weeks during our Fitness Challenge we will review all these elements and construct or enhance your current fitness plan so you can execute it effectively for the entire year. A balanced approach to fitness that includes the 5 basic elements will give the best chance to achieve the fitness goals. Join me for these daily coaching emails and our online challenge to refocus your efforts to create better health and fitness in the New Year.
Thinner This Year Nutrition: Eliminate Dead Food
Dead food is food that has high calories and low nutritional value. These foods represent a significant threat to your long-term health. It is astonishing the amount of food that is cheap, calorie dense, addictive, and almost nutrient-free. Just one look at the cereal isle of your local grocery store and it become painfully evident how much sugar, sodium and chemicals are added to our food source these days. It comes in three sometimes overlapping categories: filler, processed foods, and fast foods. Get food out of your diet to lose weight and feel better, not mention reduce you health risk for disease. Do it!

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“First rule of holes: When you are in one stop digging.” Molly Ivins, Columnist

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