Daily Thought Pillars: The Masters

  • Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Mastery Series
  • Henry Lodge MD – Younger Next Year, Thinner This Year
  • Jim Loehr – The Power of Full Engagement, Mental Toughness Training
  • John Maxwell – 21 Qualities of a Leader, 15 Laws of Personal Growth
  • Walt Disney – The Disney Model, Creating Magic
  • Michael Pollan – Food Rules
  • Jesus Christ – The Bible

The Daily Thought has been a work of passion since 2007. Started as a way for me personally to change the conversation I was having everyday with myself. I share it with you as it has transformed the conversation I am having with myself daily and others.

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“A positive ritual is a behavior that becomes automatic over time — fueled by some deeply held value.” Dr. Jim Loehr

Polar Training Tip: Energy Balance
Energy balance is the ability to counter calories taken in daily with calories expended during activity or exercise. Understanding this balance is the key to successful weight loss and management. There are several ways to determine your energy balance, first determine your basal metabolic rate (daily calorie consumption at rest). Take your current weight and add a zero for a basic idea of your BMR. Resting metabolic testing can give you a more exact determination and involves a ten-minute resting test. Once you have determined your BMR, you now need to know your calories expended during exercise. This can be done by observing the calorie count on the cardio machines if you workout on cardio equipment. You can also estimate your calorie expenditure by using online calculators. Using a HR monitor is the most accurate measure, and can be used in any setting. Record your workouts and upload them to a
FREE website to track your energy balance each week to ensure weight loss/management success.


“We don’t see the world as the world is, we see it the way we are.” Dr. Stephen Covey

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